2020 SVCI ABRITESコマンダーSVCI診断ツール新しいソフトウェアがリリースされました

2020 SVCIABRITESコマンダーSVCI診断ツール新しいソフトウェアがリリースされました

2020 SVCI ABRITES Commander SVCI Diagnostic Tool New Software Released

2020 SVCI ABRITES Commander SVCI Diagnostic Tool with Full 21 Software Unlock Version

2020 SVCI 新しいソフトウェアアップデート

New in V37.0
– MQB Read CS by OBDII (VDO TFT, VDO Virtual Cockpit, JCI)
– MQB All keys lost – added possibility to make it if also the car is with automatic transmission
– Read MQB transmission control units – Read CS, Clone/Restore
– Read DL501 Generation 2 transmission control unit (A6/A7 2013+) – Clone/Restore
– Replace MQB dashboard – possibility to clone an existing dashboard
– Adapt modules to MQB cars – Engine control unit, Transmission control unit, Steering lock
– Possibility to adapt manually any Immo V parts (MQB/BCM2) if the CS of the parts is known
– For cars with Immo IV dashboard (CS is 12 bytes) and Immo V engine control unit (CS is 16 bytes) – e.g. Caddy/Tiguan/Touaran/Transporter 2016+ – possibility to extract the CS (16 bytes) of the key and of the ECU from the CS of the dashboard
– Unsuppoprted VDO NEC dashboards added – both for mileage and keys (e.g. VW Fox)

New in V37.1
– Read MQB transmission control units – Read CS, Clone/Restore – added some unsupported DQ200x modules

New in V37.2
– Some fixes for the MQB dealer key preparation

New in V37.3
– Delphi DCM3.7 added for reading – PIN/CS/Flash

New in V38.0
– Component protection generation 2 – new online functionality used for adaptation on second hand modules for Audi (A4/A5/Q5 2007-2017, A6 2003-2018, A7 2010-2018, A8 2010-2018, Q7 2005-2015),
VW Touareg 2010-2018 and Audi/VW/Skoda MQB. Includes also MQB, but doesn’t include MLB cars.

New in V38.1
– Added modules for diagnostic for the latest MLB platform (A6/A7/A8 2017+, Q7 2015+)