OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus and X300 Pro4 add Nissan 2018- Kicks and Micra K14 Proximity/Blade 22-digit (actually 20-digit) rolling code key programming bypass pin code.

OBDSTAR device will bypass pin code (check: OBDSTAR Bypass Nissan 2018- Kicks and Micra K14 22-Digit Pin Code). OBDSTAR also provides a pin code calculation service for other manufacturers.

You don’t need OBDSTAR machines, pay for the Nissan calculation credits, and provide 20-digit outcode to us to convert to rolling code.

How-to: OBDSTAR Calculates Nissan 22-digit Rolling Code for Other Manufacturers

Menu path: Car Immo >> Pin Code>> Pincode V30.04>>Nissan Infiniti >> 20 Digit Pin Code >> Kicks>> 2018- Blade/Proximity

This function is available by connecting with the server. Ensure an internet connection is enabled.
if use obdstar device, it will bypass pin.
if uses other devices, a certain feed (credit) is required to calculate the password.
If the query failed, it will not deduct credits.

Press ENTER to continue

Each calculation requires 8 credits.

Click OK

Input 20 digits ID code reading out by the device from other manufacturers, click [Enter]; Remarks:20 digits ID code(actual 22 digits, but only input the first 20 digits)
Confirm 20 digits ID code, click [Enter];

Check successfully, 8 credits deducted, click OK

The Rolling code has been calculated successfully.

Now you can program a blade/proximity key with the rolling code.