Autel KM100サポート2019-2022トヨタカローラフリップすべてのキーが失われました

Autel MaxiIM KM100 with PLC 200 can do immo programming directly.

Here take 2019+ Toyota/Lexus all key lost for example.

The Corolla 2020 car has a key but the remote has stopped working.

Turn the key to the unlock position watch that passenger door lock.

Connect PLC200 with vehicle by OBD, match PLC200 with KM100 via bluetooth.

Turn to remote desktop, and log on.

Hit the teamviewer ID to allow access to control

Go to IMMO function- Toyota

Auto Scan VIN fast

Decode VIN and check the vehicle information

Immo Status scan

Autel KM100 says one DTC in the immobilizer

Erase up on the top right quickly

Then do not have DTCs when you are programing keys

Go to IMMO Learning- Immobilizer- Immobilizer Reset (All key lost)

The driver’s door is open, Copy and paste rolling code.

Go ahead and hit OK

It takes about 16 minutes to reset immobilizer, then hit ok, turn it off, remove the key and turn it on back.

It should do the 16 minute countdown.

Go back to add key

Turn ignition on with a master key

Input password, switch off remove the key

Insert the same key and leave ignition off

Leave the ignition off

Cycle the key on and off 8 times

car starts OK

Then go on to do the remote side

Hold lock and unlock

Let go and hit unlock

There you go